Pin Grading Policy

Nori Tea House works with multiple factories to manufacture pins. Quality varies with each batch of pins. Each pin is carefully handmade and hand-filled, therefore flaws are unavoidable. 

A Grade/Standard Grade: Best of the batch pins! No noticeable flaws or very few flaws including (but not limited to) small specks, slight enamel underfill, small pin pricks, light scratching/polishing marks and small dots in non-prominent locations. Mostly unnoticeable at arms length. 

B Grade: Few minor flaws, including specks, enamel underfill, small scratches, pin pricks. Flaws may be noticeable at arms length, however do not affect the overall integrity of the pin and design. Sold with a small discount.

C Grade: Noticeable flaws including deep pin pricks, deep scratches, underfill, and large specks. Sold with a discount. Probably not as bad as you think they are! :)

D Grade: Extremely noticeable flaws. Sold deeply discounted.