New and old favourites restocked! Have a nice day! :)
New and old favourites restocked! Have a nice day! :)
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Pin FAQs

I’m new here! What does LE and OE mean?
LE = Limited Edition. LE50 means only 50pcs of that pin in that variant were made. Making more than the original stated “LE” quantity can be seen as untruthful/unfair to original buyers who thought their pin was a special, limited edition pin.

OE = Open Edition. Makers may restock this depending on demand.


Will you restock THIS pin?
Nori Tea House may restock LE pins in new variants depending on demand. If it is an OE pin, then the pin may get restocked depending on demand. 

Where is my package?
Each order is provided with a tracking number within 2-3 weeks of ordering. If you haven’t received a tracking number, please DM @noriteahouse on Instagram or email for help!

If your order has been marked as delivered, please contact your local post supplier or the USPS email/hotline to help you. Physically going in and bringing in your tracking number to a USPS is the most helpful option rather than the hotline/email. I do not offer to contact USPS anymore as I have never received a helpful reply online or via phone. 

Can I tag you in my posts?
Yes! Please tag my IG @noriteahouse on all your pin mail posts. It helps me get a bigger audience, and I LOVE to see your photos!