About Us

Hello! Thank you for visiting our page.
Nori Teahouse was started during the 2020 quarantine season as an outlet to create cute art of anime shows and characters that comforted me the most. After being a commercial graphic designer for years, I’ve always wanted to make “art for myself”. To my surprise, I found a whole community of people who find joy in the same shows and the drawings I created in honor of them.
With support from the pinmaking community, I produced my first pin designs in December 2020. As of Fall 2023, Nori Teahouse continues to focus on creating cute Asian culture and anime-inspired merchandise; with over 100 original designs produced! 
- Noreen, Nori Teahouse founder



Meet the Team

  • Noreen she/her

  • Artist, founder, marketing, customer service, quality checks and packer

  • Top 3 anime: SnK, SxF, Joojootsoo Kaizen
    Hobbies: Snorkeling, swimming, powerlifting, drawing, eating strange food.
    Fave thing about pinmaking/collecting: Connecting with random people who enjoy the same shows you do from around the globe/country. I also love watching creators go absolutely crazy over certain shows/characters and create beautiful art.



    Jess she/her

    Admin, customer service, logistics, quality checks and packer

    Top 3 anime: Haikyuu, Yuri on Ice, Moriarty the Patriot
    Hobbies: napping, ice skating, dungeons&dragons, farming video games 
    Fave thing about pinmaking/collecting: meeting so many new people and friends! (fun fact: one of my first orders was the Anya heads from Noreen!)


    Bruce: he/him/best boi

    #1 Emotional Support during business opening in 2020


    Grading pins (sniffing stock)
    Fave work snackies: bananas and pineapples
    Bruce crossed the rainbow bridge in May 2021


    Maxi: he/him/crazy boy/matto (Italian for crazy)

    Noreen’s supervisor

    Ensures work breaks are taken (due to needing playtime and lots of attention)
    Schedule-keeper for gelato and coffee shop visits
    Fave work snackies: Pup Cups and Greenies

    Cassie: she/her/little granny

    Jess’s Supervisor

    Oversees operations, handles all invoices, lifts office morale, steals snacks from the kitchen
    Fave work snackies: Milk from Mom’s cereal bowl, roast beef sandwich meat, ham